You will need
  • — thermometer for measuring the temperature of the liquid;
  • a vessel with milk.
In the dairy industry and catering for measuring the temperature of milk using the liquid thermometer with a scale division of 0.2°C. Valid thermometers with a scale division of 0.5°C. these thermometers are usually glass housing, so their use is not very convenient. In accordance with the standards they should be provided with a protective frame. At home it is more convenient to use the electronic thermometer, which can now be bought even at the pharmacy. Measure the temperature of the milk is also solid-state meter PIT 2.
For temperature control of milk production, the thermometer must have a public stigma. At home, of course, a device with such mark is not. But in any case, take the tool, which allows sufficient for your purposes, the accuracy of the measurement. In the preparation of various dairy products in the home for example the range of temperatures of 1-2°C. the Mother that makes the mixture for the baby, it is important that the child is not burned, then there is a very high accuracy are not needed again.
Lower the thermometer into a container of milk. Hold a glass thermometer for at least 2 minutes. For electronic or semiconductor devices as little as 30 seconds. The level to which you have to dip the thermometer in the milk, usually indicated on the case or dial. If such risks are not on the instrument, you will surely find it in the accompanying documentation.
If there is no suitable thermometer, take advantage of the popular method. Drip a little milk on the back side of the hands. Normal human body temperature is slightly above 36°C. Feeling cool or warm, you'll know that the milk is colder, or hotter your body. However, the exact number of degrees you this way don't recognize. But in order to cook in the warm mixture for a child, this "thermometer" is enough.
In the food industry there are rather stringent requirements for temperature measurement of milk. It is measured, as a rule, no later than 45 minutes after arrival of the goods. The thermometer is lowered into the container in which you brought the product. If milk arrives in tanks divided into compartments, each compartment is controlled. For a small amount of product is used a special mug or ladle. The mug is dipped into the milk and hold for approximately 10 seconds. Then pick it up through the hatch so that it was strictly over the hole. Data on the quantities of milk taken at temperatures above and below 10°C, it is necessary to specify on invoices and journal acceptance.