"Old-fashioned" ways to raise the temperature in the home

One of the main ways this dubious occupation is eating pencil lead. Basically, this method is common among school-truants. In principle, an ordinary pencil lead could raise the temperature to 38оС, chewing it, drinking lots of water.
It would be better not to iodine such experiments, because the harm caused by this substance can have irreversible consequences for the body!

Some are very smart students generally resort to iodine, not knowing what it is – a toxic substance! Usually they take a piece of refined sugar and drip to it 2-3 drops of iodine, then carefully chew this "remedy" for colds and then swallow. After 15 minutes the temperature increases by approximately 3oC.

Raising the body temperature by other methods

Not everyone knows that their body temperature can raise, doing sports exercises. The fact that even the most insignificant physical load on the body significantly increases metabolism (metabolic processes) in it, which is reflected in the increase in body temperature. For example, you can jump, perform pushups, run.

One of the ways to improve people's temperature is "onion armpit". For the onions RUB the armpits with both hands. You can even on time to place the bulbs themselves in the armpits. After a few minutes the body temperature is able to rise to 38оС.

About the temperature increase

To methods, falsely increasing your body temperature include the tea with honey. It does not contribute to the real increase in the degree of the body. All this imaginary phenomenon. Man but it would seem that his body is "burning". If looking at such a temperature, the thermometer will show a normal level at 36.6 OS.
To increase the temperature, you can take a hot bath. However, not always this method is convenient and possible.

The deceptive increase in body temperature will be in the case, to use the method of "hot head". If a clean rag to hold under boiling water, then cool slightly and put on the forehead, then a false sense of temperature will be provided for a few minutes.

Thinking about how at home to raise body temperature to 38оС, you need to understand that everyone is different. The body of each person individually. There is no one method, just safety inspected! It is therefore not necessary to joke with it, often because such benefit may be negligible compared with the possible consequences.