Causes irritation that appears after shaving

The main reason for such problems as the occurrence of skin irritation after shaving is a dull razor blade. No need to save it, just insert new and all, because health and convenience for you surely more important than money.

Gentle maiden skin is prone to irritations. Especially for her sellers offer a razor for the fairer sex.

Often women do not pay particular attention irritation, thinking that soon all the "self-will". It will pass, but you will again and again to feel uncomfortable every time I shave. You need to love yourself and your skin and to treat with care and caution to even the most minor procedures.

How to shave to avoid skin irritation?

There are many techniques in order to provide a quality shave without irritation. Pressing too hard with the razor on the skin it stretches. You must maintain the razor in the direction of hair growth, then the skin will be less injured and will not be subjected to irritation. It is impossible to hold the machine in one area of the skin a few times because it is damaged, a thin layer of the skin.

When shaving it is better to use a special gel because it makes the slide better, preventing the appearance of cracks and injuries on the skin. Better yet, if you will apply the gel to defiliruya area for a couple of minutes before shaving, then the hair will become much softer and easier to shave. Remember that you need to give preference to products for shaving and after shaving, which contains a smaller amount of alcohol, as this substance contributes to skin irritation.

Prevention of redness and irritation of the skin, after shaving you can use a compress, soaked in cold infusion of succession, celandine, calendula or chamomile. Also, instead of the lotion bought in the store, you can do it yourself. You need to take 2 tablets of aspirin and grind them into powder. Add two tablespoons of glycerin, it cleans the skin. Also with this, you can use hydrogen peroxide or a solution of potassium permanganate. After shaving it is advisable for some time to dress up and give the skin to breathe, to recover.

In any case, take care of your skin, after all, how will you care for her young, will depend on its appearance in the elderly.