You will need
  • - a photo album;
  • photos hero of the day;
  • glue;
  • - scissors;
  • - pictures;
  • - ribbons;
  • - buttons and other flat decorative elements.
The Foundation of your future products – good quality album with cardboard thick leaves. Choose stylish strong album for photos. Prepare all the necessary tools, materials and decor. Fit beautiful rope, webbing, shoelace, ribbon, buttons, items from brooches, crystals, sequins and much more.
Spread out before him photographs of the hero of the day. You should have cards from different years, from the earliest, which will be able to find, until recently. The album should be made in the same style, so think about how you can customize pages and will cut out the pictures.
Stick the first card and push press. To do everything carefully and accurately, you will need a lot of time, so start work well before the anniversary. Each photo carefully glue and leave to dry under pressure. Thus, you'll have smooth sheets, they will not warp and deform.
Then start decorating the pages. Pictures of infant and childhood of glue along the edge of the handmade lace, the space use for poetry or collage of children's drawings, cut pictures and decorative items.
Texts can be nice to write with a fountain pen filled with ink, or gel paste. If you do not have time for this, please print out the poems and quotes on the printer on colored paper. Add them to the album page. For each period of the life of the birthday girl choose suitable pictures and decorations for clearance sheets.
Wedding pictures adorn the little white satin flowers and lengths of veils. If mom or grandma doing the gardening and farming, glue next to the card, which depicted the hero of the day in the garden, dried plants or a butterfly.
Mark and professional activities of women, find suitable pictures. Be sure to put pictures of children and grandchildren (if any), shared cards with family holidays. Do not forget about the rest of the sea, the journey on the river and the barbecue on the nature, usually after such events remains a lot of pictures.
Leave enough spare leaves at the end of the album to continue to draw and fill it in the future.