Advice 1: How to make electronic photo album

Nowadays photos are not stored in albums and on the computer and the Internet. Images were not just in the folder from which you can create interesting electronic photo albums.
How to make electronic photo album
You will need
  • - Internet;
  • - AntWorks FotoAlbum.
Create photoalbumurl to create photo albums - AntWorks FotoAlbum. Download it from the official website. Download the software to your computer and open it. Click "File – new album". Enter in the window name of photo album and upload photos from the computer by clicking on "Add". If you want to select an entire folder with photos, select "Add folder". Click "Create".
Complete your album artwork and view fotografii run the program on the left will be a list of photo albums. Choosing one of them will appear on the right all his pictures. Create photo albums involves the support of images a number of effects. You can make the album art by pressing on the F9 key and selecting the line "setting up skins". To configure slideshow – F7, start slideshow – F6, view photos in full screen mode – F5 ( it's all there in the tab "View").
Add to the photo album Musicus add music files from your computer, click F8. Opens the playlist window, select "Add". Save for the album needed a song, pressing "OK".
Make a video of fotografovanie album, go to "tools – Create a video" or press Ctrl+F. In the window "Create video" in the tab "Image", scroll to left click pictures while holding down the Ctrl key. In the next tab, "Settings", set your desired video settings (size and time frame, the music in wave format, etc.). Then click "Create".
Make a collage of fotografias do this, select the photo album left click+Ctrl. Go to "tools – Create collage" define a style (stack, grid, horizontal or vertical) and press "Create". If you are not satisfied with the position of the photos in the selected style, then click on "Create" until then, until the program will choose a suitable position for you. Then save the collage.
Make HTML generalelections photo album you can upload to the Internet. Select "tools – Create html-gallery – template/plain". Label directory, i.e. the folder on your computer where you want to save the html album. Type in Latin letters the name of the html page, select/load a template (if you create a gallery template), name gallery, press the "Forward", specify the desired options, and then "Forward" and "Finish". Now photo gallery with html code you can place on the website.

Advice 2 : How to make a children's photo book

Children grow and change rapidly, especially in the first years of life. To keep in memory unforgettable moments when the baby first stood up on his feet, when he cut the first tooth, or what word was spoken first, long ago invented a special children's albums. To write and paste photos in the sample albums boring. You can find lots of services offer get it on the Internet, but these albums are inconvenient to watch. Therefore it is better to make the album themselves.
How to make a children's photo book
You will need
  • - Office folder on the rings;
  • - sketch pad (A4 format);
  • Files of the same format;
  • - colors.
  • pencil;
  • - the markers;
  • markers;
  • - photographs;
  • glue;
  • - drawings and all that will come to mind.
For making a children's album may come and conventional photo album with cardboard sheets, and magnetic. It will only need to issue on your own.
But the most original and almost dimensionless it turns out the album, which you can do the first with their hands, and then, when you're older baby, fill it out and decorate it together. Buy stationery folder on the rings and children's sketchbooks. Album disassemble into individual leaves.
Lay the sheets in the files and put them in a folder on the rings. Now it remains to design an album.
In order to make the album art you can use for pasting pruning old beautiful Wallpapers of subtle colours, ribbons, lace, buttons and bows, cards. They are attached with liquid nails or glue.
Insert the photo album, since the first days of baby's life, make a funny caption, add text, and maybe even the notes of his favorite lullaby.
Capture the best of not only the child but his crib when he is in it, toys with which he loves to play and so on.
You can do a little review of the newspaper articles that describe events of the day when born baby.
Do not just circle the traces of his hands and feet and turn them into part of some interesting and fun figure.
When the child grows up, the album can decorate his drawings. And all the other photos that are not included in the main album, you can allocate thematic folders: "My birthdays", "My school dance" and similar little album.
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