For making memorable crafts that will first need an ordinary photo album. His choice should be taken very seriously. Better if it is a strong book with metal rings, cardboard pages. Naturally, you will need to print wedding photos on the number of pages with a small margin. For decorating of wedding photo album your hands should stock up on colored cardboard and paper with different textures and drawings. Perfect color for the wedding album – gold, silver, white, pearl, pink, blue, beige, pearl. Will need scissors and glue, colored pencils, crayons, markers, pens. You will need different decorative materials: ribbons, buttons, beads, bows, rhinestones, flowers, glitter, stickers, postcards, magazine clippings. For making album need an idea, according to which is made a rough draft of each page. Drawn the location of the photos, decorations, inscriptions, and then each page is made in accordance with the idea. There are some interesting little things in the wedding album with your own hands: 1. Embroidery. Embroider the couple's names or wedding paraphernalia. You can just pick up a beautiful picture, carry and decorate her album cover. 2. The window on the cover. Looks the window in the album is very profitable. On the next page are usually attached a good photo or again embroidery. 3. Notes to the photo. Comments on each page, short stories, poems written by hand or printed on computer using different fonts and colors. The original way to perform inscriptions on a transparent film and stick them as if they are floating in the air. Wedding photo album can be made using any technique, using different materials, but regardless of your choice it will be a valuable memory to love for a lifetime. And what is done with their hands, the heart must be doubly expensive.