You will need
  • - documents (for each type of subsidy – a).
For residents of the far North. State aid in this case is available to those people who have work experience in the North is at least fifteen years, and not having their homes in other regions of the Russian Federation. The program is suitable only previously receiving subsidies for these purposes, as well as those who need better housing conditions.For registration in order to receive a subsidy must apply to the local Executive authorities. The applicant will be issued by the State housing certificate is a personal document certifying the right to receive state subsidies.
The waiting. This category of citizens is also entitled to state subsidies, but are usually place in the apartment is moving very slowly. After receiving a state subsidy for the purchase of housing or construction of a house, the waiting can choose according to your desire apartment in the right area required layout and square footage.For subsidies you need to contact the local authorities, to clarify which Department deals with this issue, to write a statement and provide a package of housing documents. In turn, the administration will prepare all the necessary documents and provide to the applicant a certificate of allocation of funds for the purchase of housing. Then for the applicant will open a savings account, which will be transferred money from the city budget.
The state funding program "Young family". This subsidy is granted to young families where the age of the spouses does not exceed thirty-five years. To obtain this grants you need to apply to the local administration to provide certain documents proving that your family falls under a requirement of this program. The documents will consider a special Commission, and, in the case of a positive decision, your family will put in place. In this case, the state subsidy can be seen as a down payment on a mortgage loan that the state is doing.