Subsidies on mortgages partially offset the expenses of the borrower on a mortgage loan during the first few years after the loan is issued. The real interest rate is thus much reduced, with the result that the mortgage becomes more affordable and consequently more attractive.
To use the preferential programs of crediting of citizens should be a right, which they prove by certain documents. Must be provided information about the lack of ownership of housing or the need to improve housing conditions.
As an example, loan program, which provides a subsidy for the repayment of a mortgage can be called a program of providing housing to large families with three or more minor children. Provides a social subsidy when you purchase a large family apartment or house, part of the housing, and in cases when the family takes part in joint construction. Provided and a limitation on housing, to pay for which is possible to apply for a grant.
To apply for a grant on a mortgage loan, it is necessary to collect documents from a specified list. For each family, the documents must be selected depending on the specific situation. Mandatory documents confirming the identity of the members of the family applying for a grant, proof of existing ownership housing, or that housing ownership is not available, for more help.
Citizens wishing to obtain a grant, you should be patient. The whole procedure is made for rather big term, public authorities in such cases is not particularly in a hurry. The approval of institutions and different instances it takes a long time. But such payments possible – to those citizens who need government support to buy their own homes, has the right to receive such support and can provide the relevant documents. The subsidy is provided in the form of cash, in the amount established individually, depending on family income and composition.