You will need
  • - homemade melting apparatus
  • - 6 g powder oxy aluminum
  • - 0.2 g of hydroxy chromium
All determined to grow a precious stone in the home it is best to use the method of Auguste Vernale, because it is the most affordable for the common man. This method is known, scientists have developed more than 100 years ago, and it allows you to grow a ruby crystal weighing 20-30 carats for a mere 2 – 3 hours. In General, currently Vernale grow single crystals of hundreds of titles, mostly in laboratories, on production. But nothing prevents you to organize this process and in your own kitchen.
Pitch setup for growing monocrystals by method of Vernale. If desired, and some persistence it will not be difficult. The apparatus consists of a lowering mechanism of the chip (1) chip carrier (2), a muffle (4), torch (5), a hopper (6), the mechanism of shaking (7) and cathetometer (8). One of the possible specifications of the device simplified, you can see in the picture. The numeral 8 in the diagram marked by the growing crystal itself.
How to grow <strong>stone</strong>
The synthesis of precious stones is in the process of the melt during the melting of batch blanks for the future of the crystal. For the production of, for example, ruby prepare the charge of powder compound hydroxy aluminum (6 grams) and hydroxy chromium powder (0.2 g). The mixture need to pour into the furnace in small portions, in the combustion chamber it melts, and the resulting drop fall on the ceramic substrate, forming first a cone, then a cylinder, which will become your first home-grown single crystal.