Nature in order to grow emerald would require thousands, and maybe millions of years, but in vitro the whole process takes just a couple of months. Faux emerald by its optical and physical properties are usually even better natural. Some artificial stones in all ways not to give in to the natural stones. However, unlike his natural brother, emerald, grown in artificial conditions, will not have foreign inclusions and impurities. This stone would look great in a frame of gold or silver.
For growing emeralds use the hydrothermal method. For this you will need a vessel capable of withstanding high temperature and pressure. For this purpose try to use the autoclave, it will be your pressure washer. To ensure that the device met all the required specifications, try to contact the engineer who specializiruetsya on the pressure vessel, which configures it to match the necessary requirements. Your expenses on electricity consumed by the unit per day under the condition of continuous work, will be about 30 rubles.
Then proceed to research, if you work hard, then after about a month of your work will be able to grow the first crystal. Then find a stone Carver, who will be able to cut the crystal into several pieces and made each cut stones.
What to do with the finished stones, you decide. You can give them to the jeweler who makes them into jewelry, and can start your business and earn money!