You will need
  • Colored soluble salts (dichloride or Nickel sulphate) or common salt; spring or filtered water, a metal container, stove, rope (wool or versova thread), a colorless nail Polish.
To start purchase colored soluble salt, for example, dichloride or Nickel sulfate. Buy this material can be almost any pharmacy or order through the Internet. In case of impossibility to get the above material can be ordinary table salt.
How to grow <strong>crystal</strong> salt <b>home</b> <em>conditions</em>
Take a glass of clean water. Water and salt should be in the ratio of 1/2,5, i.e., for example, 100 ml of water you will need at least 250 grams of salt. Slowly add salt to the water and stir until dissolved.
How to grow <strong>crystal</strong> salt <b>home</b> <em>conditions</em>
Pour the water into a metal container and put on fire. Stirring constantly, heat the water to obtain a saturated saline solution (if necessary, it is recommended to add salt.)
How to grow <strong>crystal</strong> salt <b>home</b> <em>conditions</em>
Remove the container with the obtained supersaturated solution, and not letting cool, put inside a small rope (ideal would be wool or any other Varsova thread, as it will help crystalhave better secured on the base).
Over the next three days begins the crystalization of the salt. Too rapid cooling of the solution can result in an irregular and unattractive form. That is why it should be cooled down slowly, this is best done at room temperature. Then you will surely get the right in the form of fine crystal.
Ready crystal , remove from solution and Pat on all sides with a paper towel. If necessary, trim the end of yarn and immediately cover all facets of clear varnish (like nail nails). This operation is mandatory and will help to prevent the crystal from the so-called weathering (i.e., splitting over time, in direct contact with air)
As you can see, the growing crystals - very entertaining and a low effort affair. After three days, descended into the water, the thread literally turns into a shiny, glittering necklace that can become a stylish accessory, a decoration on a Christmas tree or just the pride of the first successful witchcraft in the home kitchen!