You will need
  • Sugar
  • A small pot or steel mug
  • Thin but strong thread or hair
Prepare a saturated solution of sugar. For this, type in the saucepan of water, place it on the fire and bring to a boil. Gradually pour in boiling water sugar. Pan with fire, do not remove. Pour the sugar until, until it ceases to dissolve.
Remove the pan from the heat and allow the solution to cool slightly. You can make a little bit of syrup in case you need to refill.
Powdered sugar , select the largest crystal. Wrap it with hair or thread.
Lower the thread with a crystal in the solution. Secure it in an upright position. This can be done, for example, tying it to the handle of the window or Cabinet and placing the pot near. It doesn't matter whether a thread in the center of the pan or not. The place solution must be quite warm because the solution should slowly cool down quickly cooled solution, the crystal will turn out wrong.
Leave all the design alone for a day or two. To the extent that it reduces the level of liquid in the pan in which the growing crystal, add syrup. It should not be hot.