You will need
  • - clean dishes;
  • - sulphate of copper (blue vitriol);
  • water;
  • sticks and thread;
  • filter.
For growing a large single crystal of sulphate of copper will buy the copper sulfate powder. It can be purchased at any hardware store or in those outlets that sell fertilizer for plants.
Then prepare a saturated solution of copper sulfate (II). To do this, take a clean container (beaker, flask or any other), fill it with water. Then sprinkle salt in small portions. Mix thoroughly. You need to halt the dissolution of the salt. Note that at room temperature the preparation of a saturated solution may take a day or two. But you can accelerate this process by heating the mixture in a water or sand bath for about three hours.
Once you've obtained a solution of the desired concentration, cool it (if used a method by heating) and filter through filter paper or cotton. On the filter remains a crystalline residue. From it, select one well-formed crystal.
Attach the chosen crystal to a string, tie it to a stick, a pen or pencil. Then dip the seed in a container with a filtered solution, and leave for a few days. Have patience, because the size of the stone depends on the time spent in the solution.
Once the crystal has reached your desired size, remove it and gently dry it with a napkin. To prevent the destruction of your grown miracle, cover it with varnish, which will prevent the evaporation of water.
Ensure that the solution is not a precipitate formed. If this happens, filter the liquid into a clean Cup and transfer to the growing crystal.