You will need
  • Spreadsheet editor of Microsoft Office Excel.
For a simple summation of the data in any column of the table click on the cell below the last row of this column. Then go to the Formulas tab in the menu of the table editor and click "AutoSum" in group "Library of functions". Excel will place the desired function in the selected cell, include it in the formula edit mode and try to determine the range of summation. Make sure that he was not mistaken - check the correctness of the first and last cells, and if necessary, make changes. Such a need may arise, for example, if the sum column is blank lines - Excel can not "jump over" them yourself. If the region of summation are correct, press Enter, the editor will calculate and display the sum.
In the summation of row values, all of the above have to do with the cell located to the right of the last column to sum the range.
If you want to add up all the values of a certain area of the table including the rows and columns, first set the input cursor in the cell where you display the result. Click the same label "AutoSum" on the Formulas tab, and then the mouse will select the area of the table. This is the easiest way to specify a range, but you can do it manually by first dialing the address of the upper-left cell of the range, then put a colon and adding the address of the lower right cell. Anyway, specifying the field to sum and press Enter - the result will be calculated and displayed by the editor.
Excel allows to use more complex variants of this operation - for example, you can specify a condition under which the program will be selected for summation of cells from a specified range. To do this, select the cell to display the result in the command group "function Library" tab, "Formulas" open the drop-down list of "Mathematical" is the middle button in the right column of icons. Select in the list the function "SUMIF" and Excel will open with a form to enter its parameters.
Click the field "Range" and then with the mouse select the area of the search these cells. Under criteria, specify the criteria that must be met by selected cells - for example, summing only positive values, type >0.
Press Enter, and the summation operation on the condition will be met.