You will need
  • The table editor Microsoft Office Excel 2007 or 2010.
Open Excel - link to launch this app by default should be in the main OS menu, under Microsoft Office section "All programs".
Select the desired document. Dialog search of file by pressing Ctrl + O.
Locate and select the spreadsheet cell that should be placed formula.
Click on the "Insert" menu in Excel and find the icon "Insert object". In the group of commands Text it is lower in column of three pictures on the right side of this section. No writing on the no button, but when users hover over it a tooltip "Insert object". Click on this button.
In the list of "object Type" window that opens, locate and then click Microsoft Equation 3.0. Make sure that the field "icon" is not displayed note and press the OK button. Excel places it into the specified cell of the new object and turn on the edit mode of the formula. The screen will display the "Formula" with an additional set of mathematical symbols and formatting options.
Construct the desired formula using the additional panel, and when you're done - click on any table cell, and edit mode is turned off, and an additional panel is hidden.
If you need to amend the formula double-click it with the left mouse button and Excel will activate the edit mode.
You can change and design the entered formula background color, frame, make it a table background, etc. Tools for these operations is placed on the tab "drawing Tools" - it will appear in the menu of the table editor whenever an object is selected with the formula. To change the size of the object with the mouse and dragging to the desired position of the nodal points on the frame around it.