Go to the login page of the "Rambler-Mail" http://mail.rambler.EN/. Click on the link "Forgot your password?" located below the form to login.
Enter the address of the mailbox to which you have forgotten the password and the verification code shown in the image. Note the address you need to write a whole together with the domain name:, etc. Click on the "Continue"button.
Enter the answer to the security question exactly as you entered it when you created the account. It concerns including the letter case, ensure that it is without the need were not included Caps Lock key. Click on the "Continue" button. If you correctly answered the question, the system will prompt you to set new password to access your account.
Enter in the form fields with the new password. Repeat it in the box below and click "Continue" and idea on the button "Return to post". On the login page just enter your username and new password. Click on the "Enter mail" — access to the mailbox is restored.
Ask for help in support, if the correct answer to the security question you failed. To submit a request, use the form on the page "Rambler-Help"
Enter in the form fields with your name and contact email address to which you will subsequently receive a response from support. If additional e-mail addresses you don't, you can immediately create the "Rambler-Mail". To do this, click on the link "Obtain an address" and complete the registration process.
Specify in the request body: email address to which you want to restore access;- the creation date of the mailbox (can be approximate);- full name and date of birth that you used when you registered;- any additional email address you specified;- when was the last time you successfully sign in with your account;- the password, at least roughly, you pointed out;- the approximate answer to the secret question and the question itself. Also support may ask you information about your ISP, IP address from which you normally used mail, additional folders in your mailbox addresses from which you received letters (at least some), Icq number, which was tied to the box etc.
Do not be discouraged if the letter of response from support, you will have to wait a few days. In any case, your application will be reviewed, and the answer you will definitely get. Be patient, and good luck.