You will need
  • premises;
  • - start-up capital;
  • - decorative elements.
Select the direction of the work. The format of the showroom does not involve the usual or common goods everywhere. As a rule, in this way moving the individual brand or a few rare brands. Start by finding channels through which you will get the goods for further advancement. For example, you can find a manufacturer that will provide you with a demo version of their collection. You will then be able to place samples in your showroom and to invite potential buyers.
Choose a room on the basis of the quantity or characteristics of the customers. For example, if you are a sole proprietor, procuring abroad exclusive things to your liking, you can open a show-room, even in your own apartment. But if you represent a certain brand or designer, and expect to see among their clients, including buyers from major stores, choose a decent and roomy room.
Consider the showroom design. It needs to embody the style of the proposed brand and provide maximum comfort for visitors. Properly allocate space to allocate space for the things themselves, and for the reception. Make good lighting, hang the mirror, consider wall hangings, buy trendy accessories. Put comfortable furniture for clients so they can view catalogs of your goods. Do not be redundant and screens where you will be able to show videos of fashion shows or to offer interesting combinations of clothes.