You will need
  • - the documents to register a company or entrepreneur;
  • cell phone;
  • - funds for the registration of agencies and the purchase of equipment.
Before registration of a legal entity spend monitoring services offered by the event Agency in your city. Then, perhaps with the help of the Internet, analyze how innovations in the field of organizing festivals to attract customers. Specialists in this area say that clients trust agencies with narrow specialization. For example, the organizers of the only weddings or corporate events.
Prepare documents for registration. If you open OOO – write the Charter of your society, minutes of the founders meeting, the application for registration and receipt of payment of registration fee. If you choose to enterprise in the form of IP – complete the application for registration and pay the state fee.
After registering with companies house, stand on the account in tax inspection and pension Fund. There you will be given appropriate certificates. These papers will need to manufacture seals and to open a Bank account. Remember that the festive activities of the Agency without a license.
The first time you will be able to do without office take orders by cell phone and meet with clients in cafes and on the street. But, if funds allow, clear the office, potential customers will be imbued with great confidence to your company. Decorate a room in the spirit of your activities – create a festive ambiance. Also don't forget about the furniture and equipment – phone, Fax, printer, computer. Connect to the Internet.
Then start purchasing attributes for events. The most basic costumes, musical instrument, the helium cylinders, balloons. You can also buy tents for outbound holidays, plasma screens and other expensive equipment.
Start searching for employees. As artists, Toastmasters or leading can be theater students. Interior design, find florists, decorators and designers. At first it may be employees of other companies – you will pay them by the piece. But with the expansion of your business you can assemble your own staff. Don't forget about the managers who will be looking for new customers.