If you are going to organize clothing, the experience of the seller or the Manager at the store will play in your favor. Because you already know the store inside present demands of customers. If the kind of experience you have, then consider several shops, at least from the point of view of the buyer, note convenient stores, interior features, etc.
In the clothing trade quite a lot of niches, but try to choose one, and do not spray. For a small shop than a more narrow focus and less competition, the better. In the preparation of the concept store think name, it must be memorable, stylish and Mature.
Once you decide on the direction of the trade, find suppliers of goods and quality goods that satisfy the requirements of your concept. Suppliers can be found on the fairs, exhibitions, the Internet. If you are interested in a specific product, find it through the Internet, manufacturers and contact the supplier. Select several of these companies, review the terms of each, and then concludes the contract with 2-3 of them.
As for the trading platforms, it is better to hire a room, which will be located in a shopping center or separately to the so-called "shopping street", where close already there are shops of clothes and shoes. Choosing a room, decide the interior. If finances allow, it is better to contact the designer to have it done the shop is cozy and interesting.
Enjoy a selection of staff. If you plan to open a large shopping Department, in the hall should be two sellers working shifts means that the state must consist of four people. You will also need an administrator, but the first time his responsibilities may perform one of the sellers of the change. To motivate the store employees for good work, their salary should consist of salary and bonuses, calculated on the basis of revenue.
Think about the advertising store. This can be a bright sign or a beautiful sticker, if the trade will be in the Mall. Try to stimulate sales and attract customers. To do this, use gifts, discount cards and sales.