Find out whether the demand that the product which you intend to trade. How strong is the competition in your chosen field. Large or small shop you want to open. How big is the value of the leased square feet in the area where you want to open a shop (or you decide to build a separate building?). What will be the range of planned items? Consider the form of the organization of trade, whether it is self-service or sale "over the counter". Your potential customers – who are they? How much solvent? The answers to these and many other questions must be addressed first. You may need to conduct marketing research – be prepared for it.
Consider several options for the location of the store. Are you ready to pay the rent, a substantial sum, provided that your store will be located in the center or in another crowded, and therefore best place? Or you want a more modest version? In any case, at this stage you should decide where to be your store. At survey of the room don't forget to pay attention to internal and external communications, i.e. as systems of water, electricity and heating, ventilation, telephone and Internet lines, etc. Check driveways.
Perform financial calculations. In other words, make a business plan. Consider not only actual costs but also incidental expenses. Experts recommend that the estimated figure actual expenses times two. Then you won't be surprised at how quickly melts startup capital at the initial stage of your business. At this stage (the preparation of business plan) think about the suppliers of the goods.
Can now be taken for the solution of legal aspects. For this you need to visit the tax authority. Usually it takes a consultant, whose services are free. He will explain you all details and what documents you must submit, what to draw for you. To procedure of documentary registration is not delayed, follow the requirements, provisions and recommendations of the tax if possible, clearly. Thereby you will save yourself from unnecessary inspections, when will start to work.
During the initial stages of organization and creation of their outlets you should also think about the name of the store. If by nothing comes to mind, connect to friends, family. Or ask for help to specialists in naming, they can be found in advertising agencies and on the Internet. Treat this subject carefully. A good title is very important.
Order your commercial-technical equipment and furniture and do some design store. The experts ' advice – don't skimp on a good designer. The cost of its services to pay back with interest because the modern customer is very demanding to the interior of commercial premises. He wants to feel comfortable, and this should be thought through every detail. Can handle only a professional, because in design there are many secrets and tricks to attract buyers. Don't forget to invite and experienced merchandiser, who will do the layout of goods on the shelves.
Enjoy a selection of staff. Try to hire professionals with experience, with a good reputation. Remember that these people depends largely on the future profit and the efficiency of your storeand overall.
Make an announcement about the opening of the storeand in the local Newspapers, radio and television. Over time you can conduct more large-scale promotions and company with the announcement of the discounts, rebates and other gimmicks to attract clients.