The need to temporarily disable the running (active) user appears in the operation of the network version of the program. A precondition for the connection mode temporarily blocking the active user is a password-protected log in.
A list of the active users of the program 1C is available for viewing through the "user Monitor". Find it in the main program menu "Tools". Then in the submenu "Monitor" user point "Active users".
Each row in the list contains information about the userx, currently running in the program 1C. In addition, the names the user can see the start time in the program and the computer local area network on which the employee started the program 1C.
If the user needs to leave the workplace, he can not close the program. It is more convenient to use the temporary block. To enter click on the toolbar icon "Temporary lock", the name POPs up when you move the cursor to the icon. Or select in menu "tools" the item "Temporary lock". Dialog box opens with the name of the active user. Mode temporarily blocking user is enabled. No action in the program in this mode impossible.
To cancel the temporary lock you must enter the password of the user, whose name appears in the dialog box. The password must be the same that the user was part of the programme at the beginning of the work. After entering the password, press "OK". The temporary lock is disabled. When this mode is enabled temporarily blocking the employee's computer is still in the active list.