If you want to create a new hidden account record, go to the menu "start" then "control Panel". There select "user Accounts" and create a new account record by clicking the button "Create new account". If you want to hide an existing account record, then just remember the corresponding name of the userlisted under "user Accounts".
In the start menu, click Run. In the window that appears type regedit. This will start the Windows registry editor.
Find the folder located at the following address: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareMicrosoftwindowsntcurrentversionwinlogonspecialaccountsuserlist. If this folder is missing (often this happens in Windows 7), create it.
In the window that displays the contents of a folder, click the right mouse button and from the appeared menu choose "Create". Next, select "DWORD value" and enter the name of the userwhom you want to make hidden.
Then right-click on the created entry and select Modify. In the field "Value" write "0" (without the quotes). A value of "0" indicates that the user is hidden, and 1 is that the user will be visible.
To login the hidden account recordYu change user or restart the computer. When you see the welcome screen, double press Ctrl + Alt + Del and in the appeared window enter the username and password of the hidden user.