If your computer has Windows Vista, call the Open box combination Win+R or selecting the "Run" menu of "start". Write a string command msconfig and confirm by pressing OK. A window will open "system Configuration". Navigate to the tools tab and tick the "Enable UAC control". To initiate the process, click "Start", then restart the computer.
You can use a different method. Go to "control Panel" and expand the "user Accounts". Click on the link "enable or disable the control...". Put the flag in the checkbox next to "Use user account control records..." and confirm by pressing OK. The computer will restart.
UAC is also enabled through the registry. Call the startup window programs by a combination Win+R or by selecting "Run" from the "start menu". Write the string in regedit and locate the registry editor the Bush HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareMicrosoftwindowscurrentversionpoliciessystem.
Expand the System folder and in the right part of the screen, check the cursor parameter EnableLUA. In the menu "edit" select "Edit" and enter "1" in the Value field. Confirm the change by clicking OK. To complete the process, restart the computer.
To change the value of the parameter is different. Click the right button to call context menu and select "Edit".
If the computer is running Windows 7, click "start" and type in the search bar UAC. In the list of search results click on the link "Change settings user account control records..." the System will open the options window of the account management.
Changing the position of the slider settings for the issuance of notification, install the necessary, from your point of view, the level of protection. In the lowermost position control will be disabled. In the topmost system will ask you to confirm any actions. To confirm the changes, click OK, then restart the computer.