Advice 1: In uTorrent to increase upload speed

Torrent trackers – the most powerful way to transfer information on the Internet. Users cooperate efforts in order to help each other with downloading of large files, "giving" them to each other. In this regard, etiquette user torrents requires it to maintain a stable "return", which problems often arise.
In uTorrent to increase upload speed
In the client click with the right button of the mouse on the given file. A context menu will appear. Select "speed Priority", it is "Speed returns" -> "Unrestricted". Repeat with all of downloaded torrents.
Open the menu "settings" -> "Configuration" (this can be done using hot keys "Ctrl+P"). On the screen there is a settings window. Select "Speed" . In the "General limitation of rate of return" set null values for all parameters. At the bottom of the page, find "Number of connections" and the value "Maximum number of connections" set to 200. "Connected peers per torrent" should not be less than 50.
Go to the tab "Sequence". The number of "Active torrents" install a half times more than they are now in stock. The ratio of downloads to the hands must be "-1". Check the box "Priority of distributions prior to download".
Disable all programs that can "consume" the Internet connection. In particular, the outgoing traffic is spent on video conferencing (Skype,, online games and (to a lesser extent) chats. Do not overload and incoming channel – avoid downloading large files and watching online video.
Check the settings of your Internet connection – you can do it on the website of the provider. Incoming and outgoing speed of the Internet, as a rule, vary greatly: for example, for 3G-modems output is almost always tends to zero for adsl modems it can be 5-10 times less than download. If the outgoing velocity is small, then increase the speed of distribution will not work anyway, because it is caused by network settings.
The speed distribution depends on the number of downloads people. So, if you are the sole user, distributing the file, then obviously to download it can only you. If the file is 1000, and download it 10, it is not the fact that you give something. Therefore, to raise the rating, create your own distribution, which will turn people; obviously download popular files (new drivers, games).

Advice 2 : Why the torrent is slow shakes

Torrent is a file sharing system that operates on the following principle. Already downloaded the file users be on hand, and subsequent file downloads are carried out from their computers. The file is divided into parts ("Feasts"). So the loading speed will change every minute, and it will depend on the speed of impact those users who currently running a BitTorrent client.
Why the torrent is slow shakes
Question about speed of torrents is raised by many users. It can depend on different factors. First, the speed of file download depends on your tariff plan. If you have it is, for example, 25 MB/sec, then it will be the maximum speed of downloading files. But there are factors independent of you.

One of them is the number of users who download and distribute the file. For example, if you download the file at maximum speed, and she plummeted. It may then happen that the user who distributes, turned off the computer, or he had disconnected the Internet. So the torrent is downloaded slowly. Or other users also to upload the file, that is, increased number of peers distributing the traffic is now distributed to them. This may also be the reason for the slow download of the torrent. Thus, note the number of seeders (seeders) and leechers (leechers) before loading the file.

Also the speed of the torrent can depend on the internal settings and the torrent client. Check to see if there are speed limits download. To do this, go to "Settings" in your app, for example, M-torrent, look for the item "Maximum download speed". In some programs, these restrictions can be set from the context menu on the program icon in the system tray. Check how many files are simultaneously downloaded, if it is two or more, the volume of your Internet channel is divided evenly between them.

The slow download speed of the torrent file can be a consequence of the fact that the computer is running the programs which is connected with the Internet. They also take the Internet connection. For example, instant messaging, post agents. Some apps can be auto-updating, best to disable it.

Advice 3 : How to increase the number of peers

The question of increasing the number of peers is relevant in two cases. First, if you create a distribution and wish to have your file got more visitors tracker. Secondly, if you do download a torrent, you need a high speed. The more peers, the more fragments the file is duplicated in the network, and the more stable downloading.
How to increase the number of peers
As much detail as possible, describe the file, provide its a beautiful screenshot, to attract users to your torrent. Even if the file is very necessary and rare, people often do not download it, if the description is vague and the screenshot is low quality or missing. However, overdoing it is not worth, the text descriptions don't have to remind spamovye "letters of happiness".
Try to advertise your hand, give a link to the torrent on the discussion forums, talk about it on social networks such as "Vkontakte", "Odnoklassniki", "My world", "Twitter". It is not excluded that your associates and friends will be happy for this distribution, will become the new peers and, later, seeds.
Report the torrent buddies who possibly would be interested in the file. This will help you ICQ, Agent, email, even SMS text messaging and phone calls. The more people that know about the file, the more it will be downloaded, and the higher the download speed of each user.
If you are interested in any torrent, ask people on the tracker to stay longer on hand. After all, the new peers attracts a large number of seeders. This is also true, provided that the file has been "flooded" you. Ask the seeders to distribute the file can be longer still in the process of drawing up the description to the torrent.
If you have not created the distribution, but only downloaded the torrent, do not rush to delete it from your client after completion of work. Thus you increase your ranking in the network. And, besides, it will give the possibilityto download the file to a larger number of people. The exception is the situation when you use mobile Internet with limited bandwidth. In this case, such a luxury you can't afford it.
Useful advice
If the distribution of new, sometimes simply to wait and feasts of their own will, because this process is not instantaneous. Check your client and network configuration. Perhaps due to their incorrect settings the download speed is very low or missing.
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