Error loading configuration file slave node of a distributed database

The configuration of the slave node is updated automatically during data upload from the main site. Trying to update the configuration manually, we get the error "command is required to unlock all objects". The configuration of the slave node may need to be updated when the error occurs, "To execute the command you want to unlock all objects. In this case, you must upload the configuration file from the master node, and then disconnect from exchange of subordinate database. In the subordinate base Configurator to load the configuration file, it is in any case impossible to use the Association database. Then re-connect the slave node to the exchange and execute exchange of data.

Error loading the configuration file into a data base that doesn't allow changing configuration

All of the standard configuration 1C are set to their default settings support banning any configuration changes. These settings guarantee download updates supplied by 1C. But, unfortunately, typical configuration quite often cannot take into account all the nuances of a particular company and needs some refinement. Changes in the process of finalizing, it is sometimes necessary to move them to other bases. This may cause error To execute the command you want to unlock all objects. This error indicates that the current database settings forbid to make changes to the configuration, and to make these changes, you must unlock all of the configuration objects. This can be done in two ways: unlock the objects with conservation of support, if you intend to download the updates for standard configurations and removal from the support if the download updates in the future will not be held.

To unlock with the conservation support needed in the Configurator to open the configuration, then select Configuration – Support - set the support. In the opened window click "Enable changes" and install on all the objects configuration mode "is Edited preservation support."

For removing the support configuration you need to perform the same steps, but in the settings Windows support click the "Remove support".
After performing these steps, it becomes possible to download the configuration file with the changes without errors.