You will need
  • - personal computers with 1C.
If the data exchange is carried out between different configurations 1C, before you move users, consider related factors: version of 1C: enterprise configurations, the presence of landings, which could be an exchange of data between defined configurations, and other operational issues.
Please note that if not available the standard means intended for committing of such information exchange, the transfer of the user 1C is too time consuming. In this case, you will need not only to consider features of 1C: enterprise configurations, but also to ensure that such an interim storage facility where the data were stored after unloading from one configuration 1C and to download to another.
To migrate users from an information base of "1C:Accounting 8" in database SysTecs, use a special interface – helper "Import users from 1C:Accounting 8". At first the appetizer list users of "1C:Accounting 8", not in the database software SysTecs will be highlighted with a green background.
To migrate users to database software SysTecs, set opposite each such user check box in the column "Import" and click "Import users".
When migrating a list of users from one database to another through 1C XML file processing on disk will generate an XML file, and perform a download of the users from this file into the database.
Please note that during the unloading of list of users uploaded all the data about each of these users, of course, except for the password, and assigned roles.
How to copy a working database on another computer will look like the following: go to the database in a mode "Configurator", open the menu item "Administration" and select "Save data" (with version dbf) or a "Unload data" (SQL), and then appeared on the screen window, specify the archive name and save it or upload.
The second computer run of 1S, and then click "Add" by typing in the directory path. Then in the menu "Administration" of the second computer, click "Download data" or "Restore data" and then start the process of transfer of information data.