Expand "administrative tools" in "control Panel" and click the Services snap-in. Locate "Secondary logon". Open the context menu right click the mouse on the name service and select "Properties". In the window "startup Type" select list "Disabled." Under "Status" click "Stop" and confirm by pressing OK.
In Vista and Windows 7 you can disable the service UAC users – the very annoying UAC that issues the queries. In the "control Panel", expand "Account..." and click on "Change settings...". The level slider move to its lowest position. UAC no longer remind myself.
In a string of run programs (called combination Win+R) type msconfig in the system configuration window go to the tab "Service". Locate "Disable UAC" and click "Start".
However, the developers of Windows is not highly recommended to disable this service, scaring the vulnerability of the system to malware. You can try to run the program without a request from UAC. Point the shortcut to the program and press Ctrl+Enter – the program will start from the name of the administrator.
Right-click the program shortcut and choose "properties" in the drop-down menu. Go to the tab "Shortcut" and click "Advanced". Put the flag in the checkbox "Run on behalf of administrator". In the tab "Compatibility" select "to Perform on behalf of the administrator." In the drop down menu you can immediately select the item "Run on behalf of administrator".
Call the command line programs by a combination Win+R or select Run from the menu "start". Type the command, and sothe name ofthe combination Shift+Ctrl+Enter. The program will be launched from the name of the administrator without the UAC prompt.