You will need
  • - installed the Sims 2;
  • lot of Belladonna Bay;
  • - a magical book in front of your characters/boiler.
Turn on the game Sims 2 on your computer. Wait for the download. Will have to play not familiar to you family, and have been created by developers. But this is only the first time, for training. In the future, if you have time, can the same pattern to turn into a witch the necessary characters.
Go to the area "the Bay of belladonna". For the game, select the family of Kordial. If you put the transformation into a witch, only play the evil sister, not paying attention to the rest of the family – they can do it themselves. By focusing the efforts on the character, you will significantly reduce the time for the transformation.
Invite on behalf of the evil sisters in your house the wicked witch. Establish a relationship with her. The required level to become friends. When it recognizes your SIM, and ask "to instruct on the path of darkness". She agrees... and that's your character – evil witch.
If you wish to retrain and get on the right path buy a good magic book. Let the character actively studies it, and soon it will turn, first in neutral and then the magician.
There is an easier way to become a witch. Open the console to enter the code (press Shift+Ctrl+C). Type BoolProp testingCheatsEnabled true, while fully respecting the register of the input letters. After entering the code, your SIM is activated the function "Invite a witch."
When the witch appears, click on it with the mouse, hold down the Shift key. From the opened opportunities, select "Increasing relations". Hit several times in a row (about 7), bringing existing relations to a value of 100. Now just click on that witch and ask her to take you "along the way"... All your SIM turned into a witch!