There are several ways to make the character a mermaid in the game "the Sims 3". Also a mermaid you can make the character and in addition in-game "Pets".

How to become a mermaid "Sims 3" (the first method)

You must create two characters with family ties. The character that we want to turn into a mermaid, develop logic until the tenth level and kill them with the second character. For the second character Death comes to pick him up. Our character click Death and play with her for life. After defeating Death, saving the second character and improve the relationship with Death to friendly. After this improvement in the "other" tab appears to "Change the will". Carry out this change and select from new desires to "Become a mermaid".

How to become a mermaid "Sims 3" (the second way)

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Create the husband and wife, and accommodating them in a house that has a pool. Sent the wife to swim in the pool and remove the ladder from it. After that you need to put all the space around the pool with reeds. After some time the wife dies in the swimming pool and becomes a mermaid.

If you are unable to plant reeds around the pool, after the death of a grave character appears, clicking on which change it into a jug of ashes. Moving the jug of ashes in the pool, a portal opens where flies mermaid. But portal is not. mermaid. It can fly and the Ghost of a mermaid. In order to turn the Ghost of a mermaid to a regular mermaid, you should click on it, select the tab "freedom". The player will be asked to sign a contract in which you want to convert the voice of the character on the tail. By signing the contract, the character turns into a mermaid.

How to make a mermaid character in "the Sims 3" Pets"

First, you need to install the add Pets to the game. Create a character is always a female with the long hair and develop his skill Fishing and Cooking skill up to level ten. After the development of these skills send the character to fish by the pool and catch the bait of a flower. During the meal, you must put caught the flower in the plate of food. Then begins to boot the underwater world, where your character will become a mermaid. It is worth noting that if you exit the underwater world on land, the character will once again become an ordinary man.