Method 1. Codes

The simplest method, which is used by at least half of the players is the launch codes. In just 3 Sims 2 code for money.

While playing on the keyboard you need to simultaneously press Ctrl, Shift and C, to cause the input line of code. In this line you should write:

- kaching (if you want to add 1000 Simoleons to the family budget);

- motherlode (with this code in the Treasury added all at once 50 000 Simoleons).

Code, Familie familyfunds Family Amount (for example, familyfunds Goth 1 000 000) will add the family Got 1 million Simoleons. This code is also entered in the row that appears after simultaneously pressing the keys Ctrl, Shift and C during game mode.

Method 2. Other dishonest ways

1. Create a family of at least 2 characters. After populate them into the house, start a family a bit (at least game day). Then evict one of the family members by clicking on the computer to Find a new home and waited until a yellow taxi take a SIM away. Navigate to the screen in edit town and look in the basket Sims the character you just got evicted. His personal budget at that time will be of the order of 20 000 Simoleons. Highlight a character and click on that home from which he left. A sign will appear requesting your permission for family reunification. With the consent of the player SIM again settled in the old house, and the family's budget increase are the 20 000 Simoleons.

2. In the family of two Sims you can make money literally out of thin air. A little bleed skill on any musical instrument. Then select SIM of the musician, click on music and select "Play for money". The second SIM living on the site, click on the jar to collect little things, donate the required amount. It is better to put at once the maximum. The money from the account of the family will not be charged, and when the SIM finishes playing the violin or guitar, to "put" him in the Bank the money will be added to the family budget.

Method 3. A profitable business

To create profitable business in a short time (with the addition of "The Sims 2 a Business is not easy, but quite real. First decide, is your business open to the home station or in the city. At home you can seize a free moment to send a SIM to eat or take a NAP in the city as there are more types of Commerce, for example, a restaurant. Don't forget that public land will have to frequently travel, and this forces the player to spend much time watching the blue loading screen.

To earn on your own business, buy a small plot of land where to build a tiny house. Furniture set minimal: stove, refrigerator, shower, toilet and bed. Open a home business, placing objects for him on the street. If you want you can build one large room for business Mat-the cheapest flooring and sticking the cheapest Wallpaper. It is important to understand what business will bring you the required amount as quickly as possible. Clients at first a little, but because to open a beauty salon or something like that profitable. It is better to equip the shop. The higher the cost of the product, the more you will be able to sell it. However, the first time it is better to buy inexpensive goods for purchases and put them on the shelf. Perfect paintings and statues, as well as appliances. After you install the cash register and signs open/closed, throws the doors to buyers. The more your business rating, the less cheap goods should be on the shelves.

When customers come into the store, offer him the most expensive products. If he likes over his head appears a star and a green plus), then continue to persuade him to buy goods. If you don't like, click on "Goodbye" and get this customer out of the store. Don't forget to punch checks for customers who took goods from the shelves.

For development of business customers give gold stars. The more, the higher the level of the enterprise. Obtained for each level bonuses need to spend. If you like sell goods, it is best to develop the branch wholesale purchases. But if your goal is leveling, and maximum benefit, pay attention to the branch of motivation.

Don't forget to keep track of what products customers like the most, timely replenish stocks on the shelves. Soon your home or business in the city will bring you substantial dividends.