In The Sims 2 rejuvenating SIM by the elixir of youth. He acquired awards for special points. The points you get for each fulfilled wish of your SIM. The elixir of youth - green liquid in a vessel resembling an hourglass. One glass of the elixir would rejuvenate SIM for 3 days.
In the third installment of the Sims procedure of rejuvenating SIM will bring much more hassle. First and foremost, it should be noted that rejuvenate SIM are two ways to eat the fruit of life or to cook and eat food of the gods Ambrosia.
1 eaten the fruit of life rejuvenates in 1 day. Its seeds scattered around the city, you can find them at the cemetery and scientific Institute. They belong to the "unknown special seeds". Also, of these seeds of fire can grow fruit or flower of death. Therefore, it would be better if you plant multiple seeds. One of them could be the Bush the fruit of life. And don't forget to plant the fruit of life, level of gardening should not be below 7.
If the fruit of life rejuvenates SIM for one day, "Ambrosia" returns the SIM to the beginning of the age period regardless of how many days he lived in it. To cook Ambrosia, you must have level 10 cooking, and buy a cookbook "Ambrosia". After reading it, you will know that you will need 2 ingredients: the fruit of life and the fish-death. Catch the fish-death in the lake of the cemetery from 00.00 to 05.00 at level 10 fishing. She caught the bait fish-angel. Fish-angel can be caught in any freshwater bait for catfish, and catfish - cheese.
After a SIM eats Ambrosia, it will look better, and mood is higher within 7 days.
"Ambrosia" and also a Ghost back to life. After the death of one of the characters, you get a call from the scientific Institute and offered to raise him. You need to include ashes in a scientific Institute, and the Ghost once again becomes a part of your family. If he eats Ambrosia, it will once again become a living character.
You can extend the life of Shem, and without the fruit of life. For this you need to select the menu "Settings" then "game Settings". Locate the "Epic life" and change the number of days of life. This setting applies to the whole family of Sims.