Unfortunately, the unicorn is impossible to create when you start the game. It can only be tamed. Well, or to bring with them a horse belonging to the family. The probability of having a small unicorn from such a pair of fifty-fifty.
Find unicorn during night walks through the town rather difficult. Better at dusk (around eight in the evening) go to map mode and wait for the characteristic shimmering cloud that suggests the emergence of the unicorn. In fact, this cloud is part of the magical plume of this unusual creature. Seeing this phenomenon, you need to send to him your SIM to meet a unicorn.
To invite a unicorn to the family,you first need to make sure that you have more free slots. In the same family can not be more than ten characters, so you may need someone to get rid of.
Shem, who is friends with your or other people's Pets, more chances to make friends with a unicorn. This creature prefers a friendly, Sims and willingly gets them friendship.
Becoming one with the unicorn close friends, the SIM can invite him into their family. Green lights will constitute acceptance of, and red — failure. Do not repeat your request immediately, continue communication with the mystical creature. Try to improve relations and invite him again in a few days.
Despite the fact that unicorns live much longer than horses, they are not alien to usual needs. Unicorns needs to sleep, eat, move actively and to quench their thirst, but all that he requires in smaller quantities and less frequently than ordinary horses. If you don't care about the magic animal sufficiently, your SIM will visit a social worker and take a mystical pet.