You will need
  • Installed game The Sims 3
Start the game Sims 3.
Open the window to enter the code, it is necessary to dial the key combination (simultaneously): Ctrl + Shift + C. In the upper part of the box appears blue. In Windows Vista, sometimes have trouble calling this field, so you can try to dial the following combination: Ctrl + Windows+ Shift + C.
To increase the budget SIM, enter Kaching, this code gives family 1,000 Simoleons or Motherlode – he gives family 50,000 Simoleons.
To add the SIMA 2500 points of happiness, type in shazaam.
Enter the command testingcheatsenabled [true / false] to enable developer mode. It will give you additional opportunities. For example, hold down the Shift key, click anywhere, move the SIM, and clicking on the very SIM - change its character, appearance, age.
Use the same code, hold Shift and click on mailbox, and you will see the following options: to choose a career, to turn it needs (in the family), call the guest, to make everybody happy, to find friends, to meet everyone, cause of the character (come to visit random hero).
To make SIM thin or, on the contrary, fat, use the code: Change Fit - Get Thin/Get Fat.
To use code to change SIM. To do this, enter one of the following codes: Change Suit or Pajamas Maternity – wear SIM's maternity clothes or pajamas; Simsuit or Workout – wear a bathing suit or sports; Underwear or Naked – SIM to wear underwear or make him naked; with Formed – SIM will change into formal wear; Casual 1 – dressed in casual clothes.
Enter the following codes to SIM ill: MakeMeSick Tester - Give me a Cold SIM cold; Give me the Flue – will get the flu, Morning Sickness – it will struggle with morning sickness and vomiting during pregnancy; Food Poisoning – SIM poison; Pneumonia – got pneumonia.
There are various ways to change the family structure of the selected SIM. Neighbot Add To Family – adds to the family staff. To add SIM to the family new member, you need to enter one of the following codes: New Toddler Boy/Girl/ Boy Child (Girl)/New Teen Male (Female)/New Adult Male (Female)/New Elder Male (Female). They add baby boy, baby girl, baby boy (girl);teen boy (girl); adult male (woman); man (old woman). Code New Baby is aimed at the birth of a child; show a child's birth code Cinecam Baby; Get Pregnant With – offers to choose from whom pregnant SIM.
Enter the following codes to SIM made new friends or became popular: Debug Interaction - Cheer Up – allows you to cheer another SIM, another SIM to lift the mood; Give Influence Points – add 1000 points Shima effects; Display - Debug – Show Sims Gender Pref will show who prefer SIM (men, women or both); !Make Sim My Contact – who's your selected SIM and establish a good relationship with him; Make Me Friendly to Everyone Here – good relationships with friends of other Sims located on the site.
In addition to all the above codes, there are also very funny. For example, type Kill - Die By Flies, and the SIM will attack the bugs/flies and he will die; Make Vampire – make vampire SIM; code Burnt charred Skin gives SIM view; Make Me Alien Pregnant makes pregnant from aliens; code Rodney's Death Creator offers to choose the way of killing SIM.
Remember to activate the code you need by pressing "Enter" and the enter you can hide by pressing Esc.