Advice 1: How to call a plumber

To change the plumbing or fix a leaky faucet, call the plumber (in other words, this profession is a plumber). Only a specialist can guarantee the reliability and the security of all connections, will assemble and install everything correctly.
How to call a plumber
Traditional call a plumber from the housing Department, the misinformation, REU or other management company is still relevant, please call the dispatcher and make a request. The phone number view in the payment for the apartment. Within a few days you'll get a call, if possible, to arrange the most convenient time for you, of course, in the middle of the week and during working hours).
Note that most of the services provided by the housing office, paid. For example, repair of all pipes, taps within the apartment is carried out according to the price list, and repair of batteries,if they are "native", produced by the administering organization. To clarify certain issues, read the Housing code and the Rules of content of common property in an apartment house, approved by the RF Government.
Please note, the big advantage of the plumbing of the housing Department that it has the ability to turn off the water at the entrance that sometimes you just need the repair of the input valves on the main riser. If repair is sufficient to block the water directly in the apartment – you can call any specialist or even try to do on their own.
If you don't trust the housing Department workers, believing that they are doing their job well enough, contact a specialised company providing similar services. Most likely, their services will cost more expensive, but a large company would give a guarantee on their work, and in the case of an emergency specialist will eliminate all faults (if it is stipulated by the contract).
If the services of a plumber you need regularly and preferably inexpensive, look for the right specialist among friends or by announcement. Not to look for every time the tap starts to leak, you must learn his phone number and name, of course, if the result of the first work arranged for you. The great advantage of private masters that they work and in the evening, and on weekends, in addition, they are encouraged to do everything as quickly as possible.

Advice 2 : How to find the address of the housing office

The housing office, or housing maintenance company, engaged in the servicing of high-rise buildings. Data organizational forms can also wear other names: ZHEP (housing maintenance enterprise), REU (maintenance management), REP (maintenance company) and change the status of a public institution to a private, for example, by the management company.
How to find the address of the housing office
You will need
  • phone;
  • - access to the Internet;
  • informational signs in the entrance of the house;
  • - receipts on payment of utility bills;
  • - United cash and settlement centre;
  • - city phone book.
To find the data of housing maintenance office that corresponds to your house, carefully examine incoming receipts on fee of housing and communal services. Perhaps, any of them you will find the required phone number or the address of the desired organization.
Pay attention to signs with useful phones, quite often located at the front door. Inquire of janitor, cleaning your yard, or cleaning ladies, cleaning your porch.
As the housing maintenance office is usually located in the area, for the operation of homes which meets, just ask around the neighbours where she was. As a rule, local residents are aware of the location of the housing office and will be able to give you the address.
Call the receiving of the administration of your district, ask them to connect you with a Deputy head for housing and utilities. Check the phone right organization, his Secretary.
Demand the information you need in a Single settlement and cash centre (ERKTS) or Unified information and payment centre (EIRC), in which you make monthly utility payments.
Please contact REMP (repair and maintenance municipal enterprise). At your home will help you find a responsible housing office.
Take advantage of the Internet: go to the official website of your city, look for the section "Housing and utilities" and call one of the phones provided there. What's your address of residence and ask for the right information.
Dial the number of a single information service 09 and ask them to give you the same phone service of the main city Department Department of housing and communal services. By calling to find out from the operator what the housing office is your home.
Try to find necessary information in the local telephone directory. Usually it contains information about city utility services, so you will likely find the data you need.
Useful advice
If the problem you are trying to solve in the field of housing, the local administration is not responding, attract to it the media: write to Newspapers, post comments on the website of the management company etc. If this does not have much action, complain to the higher authorities of regional and Federal importance. To your complaint attach documentary failures of the officials of your city in solving your problem, photographs and video materials confirming the facts of violations or omissions of the utilities.
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