You will need
  • Word processor Microsoft Office Word 2007 or 2010.
Launch a word processor. If the alphabetical list you want to add to an existing document, upload it, and place the cursor at the desired location of the text. Keep in mind that the list will be created as a separate paragraph of text, that is, you need to provide a separation from previous and subsequent fragments of the document.
Enter all lines of the list, not paying at this stage of attention on the correct order. The only thing that matters now is to end each line of the list of input characters "carriage return", i.e. by pressing Enter.
Select all rows in the list and open the dialog box with the settings of the sorting text. To invoke it, use the button with the image placed one above the other letters "A" and "I" and an arrow pointing down. Placed this button in a group of commands "Paragraph" tab of the "Main" menu in Word.
In the box under "First" default value "paragraph", leave it unchanged. In the adjacent drop-down list - "Type" - the default value should be changed only if the strings contain dates or numbers. To the right of this list is posted two more fields that specify the sort direction is "ascending" and "descending" - select an option by clicking the corresponding checkbox.
If the selected portion of the document except the strings list includes the title, check the box next to "with title bar" at the bottom of the settings window.
By default, sorting is performed case-insensitive letters, but if you want to first in the list were strings starting with uppercase letters, and then from small, open advanced settings for sorting. For this window the basic settings placed the "Settings" button. Check the box "match case" and close the window by clicking the OK button.
Click OK and in the main settings window sort, then the word processor will put strings in alphabetical order.