You will need
  • Text editor Microsoft Office Word
To sort a simple line of text one paragraph, select them. When you create a new document menu text editor opens by default on the Home tab. If it doesn't open at the moment - open. Here you need the section "Paragraph" in which you have placed a button which opens the settings window sort data - click it.
In this window you can specify three sort criteria that can be applied to the selected data sequentially. They are grouped in three sections with the headings "First" and "Then", but when you sort lines of a paragraph are active only the first one. Each section contains two drop-down list. In the first of them to sort text strings should be left the default value of "paragraphs", and the second ("type") "text". If these lines represent the date values or numbers in the second list, you can specify the paragraphs. In addition, there is placed a switch the sorting direction - ascending or descending. There is also a "Settings" button that opens a list of additional settings. It is possible to specify the used separator character fields and the need to take into account the case of letters. You can also choose the alphabet you want to use for sorting. When all necessary settings, click OK to begin the operation.
If you need to sort the data placed in the table, we need to act similarly when sorting a single column. But if you want to sort the data in two or three columns, it is necessary to allocate them all and then in the settings window sort will be available the second and third sections of the terms. The remaining steps are no different from simple sorting lines.
In Word, you can paste tables from the table editor Microsoft Excel. This makes possible much more sophisticated ways of sorting data. This can be done in Excel using its powerful Arsenal of data, and then transferring the fragments in the document text editor and, if necessary, edit here.