You will need
  • Microsoft Office Excel
If we are talking about the abolition of sorting data in tables created with Microsoft Excel then it can be done in several ways. The most basic one is to use the undo recent actions. It is applicable in that case, if the sort that you want to cancel, were made during current session of working with the document, that is, after downloading the file, or create a new table. To use this feature, simply press ctrl + z. Each click reverses one last action, so you can repeat this procedure is necessary as many times as operations in the tables produced after the sorting that you want to cancel.
Click "Conditional formatting" in the group of commands "Styles" tabs "Home", to use a different method of cancellation of rules for sorting data into Ecxel table. In the popup list, select "Manage rules", which opens the window "conditional formatting rules Manager". It's a window you can open if you click in the table cell with the right mouse button, in context menu go to "Sort" and select "Custom sort". Select the click contained in the lines list and click "Remove rule" until the list clears. Then click "OK".
Close the document (alt + f4) that contains a table without saving any changes made to it (including sorting that you want to cancel), and then open the original document with an unordered table. This method applies naturally only if the source file is not sorted and the data exists, and not only created by you.