Ask around among friends and acquaintances, where they went to relax for the weekend. This is a good opportunity to obtain useful information from first hand. After all, what looks attractive and enticing in a colorful picture, is not always so in reality. If you are advised any recreation facility, ask about prices, booking and services offered.Maybe among your friends there are the owners of cozy cottages that will gladly invite you for a weekend. In this case, always make sure to bring gifts for the hosts. It is better to buy something useful that will not be excess in the country. Check in advance whether the station grill, you can roast shashlik, taking advantage of this opportunity. Grab a bottle of red wine, because the taste goes perfectly with the taste of juicy meat.Avid mushroom pickers will tell you the "fruitful" places in exchange for their company. They will help you to distinguish edible mushroom from inedible. Some types of this product you can cook over a campfire, strung on dry twigs.If you are interested in fishing, find a comfortable place for this contemplative classes. This too can help friends, but will be useful and the Internet, where you can find sites frequented by the fishermen in your city.Hot summer, people go out of town to lie in any lake or river. Where beach holidays are officially allowed, certainly known to you or your friends, which you can take for fun.The whole company can go to play paintball. Also outside the city equip places for active recreation, e.g. Golf courses, helipads, hangars with balloons.In a pinch just get in the car, refuel with gasoline and take the first available road. In such trips you may find many interesting churches and monasteries, picturesque villages and abandoned villages.