Before to put my mind in search of the tourist routes, think of what your rest should be complete. You have to completely recuperate in order to take up urgent matters. On vacation we recommend to take calendar month. During this time, you can get the necessary boost of energy and gain new experiences. Unfortunately, often on annual leave withdrawn two weeks, or a week, although several times a year. Such leave can only be compared with one breath of fresh air.Of course on vacation you will need the money. Based on the amount that you can afford and your family on a vacation, you need to choose the appropriate option and its implementation. The rest can be different. Someone can't do without Sunny beaches and warm sea, and someone important to be alone with dense forest or lake. Looking through the suggestions, you will certainly discover that staying in Russia at a cost not inferior to the prices on travel abroad, with the exception, perhaps, of leave on personal dacha. Besides the comfort and the novelty of the impressions of foreign travelers still leads to much stronger. If you prefer a beach vacation, budget main destinations are Egypt, Turkey, Bulgaria, Tunisia, as well as Montenegrin, Croatian resorts. If you contact the famous and major tour operators, you may offer cost effective tour, because usually these companies work in tandem with airlines and hotels giving good discounts. If you prefer a more active stay, pay attention on low-cost tours, for example, travel to European cities by car, bus, train, stopping in small private hotels and pensions. Inexpensive can relax using discounts on tours. So you can save half of the funds and the list of countries is thus significantly expanded. You can significantly reduce the cost, staying at the hotel with less stars, refusing, for example, the services that you will not use it. For example, why do you need a Golf course, if you don't play? Or what you Spa, if you are going to enjoy these procedures? A sufficient amount of money you can save on food. Selecting only Breakfast or eating on the menu, you will not pay for meals that are just not able to eat. Refrain from unnecessary outings. Eliminate from your holiday shopping. Take a vacation in the offseason. For example, the prices for beach tours to Egypt, Turkey begin to decline in September and a chance to relax persists until late autumn. Depending on your climate preferences so you can choose the best destination for your holidays.