If you want to relax and to forget about all the problems, go in forthe city recreation house. In the suburbs a lot of them. Here you can enjoy a variety of entertainment – bath, sauna, swimming pool. And child find activity: in such rest houses, a Playground, games room, and sometimes even a mini-zoo. If you want something unusual, look for themed holiday home. In the suburbs located hotels, for example, in the style of ethno. They offer a variety of workshops and the staging of national ceremonies. You can stay, for example, in the Chukchi home. The popularity of such leisure are not inferior to ekofarma. The owners have been breeding all kinds of Pets. You offer to look after them. Try, for example, to milk the cow. These impressions remain in memory for a long time. Then visit a local restaurant that serves food from the farms. If you want to see as many places in one trip, arrange sightseeing. In Moscow region you can find a lot of houses, monuments, temples and monasteries. For example, near Serpukhov have a place in Polenovo. This is a mansion known philanthropist and talented artist V. D. Polenov. It is situated on the banks of the Oka river, in the coniferous forest. Similar estates in the suburbs a large number – Arkhangelsk, Abramtsevo, etc. they All have excellent condition and good infrastructure – Parking lots, cafes, etc. If you want to get original and memorable holiday, head to the village of Nikolo-Lenivets, which is located on the Kaluga highway. Here enthusiasts of the movement "Arch-stoyanie" created a unique wooden structure. Wander through the village and you will see the giant swing, a huge ear and many other unusual objects. They are all designed and woven from the branches by the hands of craftsmen.