When you have a little more free time than a couple weekend trips to European borders. Motorists often choose this option to stay on the car. Distances in Europe between the cities is small, the roads are highly developed, simple system of filing personal documents at the border between EU countries. And most importantly, in Europe you can get acquainted with the architecture of the developed countries, in their centuries of history.
For a few days you can go towards the Asian borders. Travelers here waiting for beautiful places, exotic food, unique architecture and local culture.
Consider the route auto travel by car around Russia. For example, you can visit the ancient towns of the Golden ring of Moscow, Yaroslavl, Vladimir, Kostroma region. Each region of Russia is rich for its culture, history, sights, nature, and protected national parks that are worth seeing for travelers.
In the winter, go on a car ride outside the city to admire the snowy landscapes, to ski on skis, on a snowboard. For two days you can rent a vacation house and spend the night in it, not to go too fast into a bustling city.
Summer opportunities for motorists offers much more. You can go for a couple of days, if you live relatively close, in the direction of the Black sea. To the seaside of the beautiful city – Sochi, Anapa, Novorossiysk, Gelendzhik, and others. Swim in the warm sea, to rest in the local hotels.
If long distances to travel for family plans you have – visit attractions of your country, city, region. Relax on a lake, river, wander through the grove, the forest, briefly leaving the car at the roadside.