For fishing enthusiasts in the suburbs there are several recreation centers. Great campaign, you can rent a cottage for 10-15 people, and for those who like to fish alone best fit the resort or hostel with rooms for one or two. To date, the services of tourist camps and fishing clubs are very popular so-called pay-fishing, when the organizers of the stay guarantee a good bite and excellent service. It is possible to go to Moscow on the Leningrad highway, for example, in Durykino, Savelieva or Zavidovo. If you go from Moscow to Gorky highway, it is possible to enter the territory of the Noginsk reservoir, where you can not only fishing but also hunting.
Hunting in the suburbs is a popular weekend getaway. Game hunting is possible, for example, in the hunting center "Dolgorukovo", which is located 50 km from MKAD on the Shchelkovo direction. There you can enjoy not only a favorite pastime but also beautiful landscapes. Also to hunt, you can go to the suburbs on the Kiev direction. There is Istra hunting, the owners of which promise not only a successful hunt, but eco-friendly vacation.
For those who just want to breathe fresh air, walk in beautiful places and take pretty pictures suitable rest at the camp or in a private house in the suburbs. Recreation are almost in all directions from Moscow. In addition, almost every camp site offers accommodation of economy class and VIP-service. For example, tourist base "Usadba Otrada" is located on the banks of the Oka river near Serpukhov. You can go to the recreation center "Sputnik", which is located in 16 km from MKAD on the Yaroslavl highway.
For those who want not only to relax but also improve your health, are resorts. Guests are offered a healthy diet, fresh air and Wellness treatments. Sanatorium "Revital Park" is located in 9 km from MKAD on nosovihinskoe highway and is famous for its programs of figure correction and Wellness programs, sanatorium "Vyatichi" is ideal for families with children.