If the version of the browser you wish to download, although not a recent, but relatively new, go to the following page:
Select the operating system you are using, the version of the browser, and then, if necessary, the format of the package and the location of the server. Download the installation file to your hard drive, and then run it (in Linux, extract and run the script and install the program as usual. Note that reinstalling may not save settings, bookmarks and cache. So make a backup of the installation file current version of Opera, and the folder /home/username/.opera/ (Linux) or c:/Program%20Files/Opera/ (Windows).
To download the browser older version, go to another page:
On this page, find the folder whose name matches the name used on your operating system, and in it a folder which name coincides with the version number (without dot). Click it and download the installation file. Note that the Linux version is presented for different architectures of processors, locate the file, whose name is mentioned 386, 486, 586 or 686. Also note that very old versions of the browser to show ads or even distributed on principle shareware and require registration. In the latter case, try a newer version.
To download an outdated version of the Opera Mini browser (up to 3.2), go to the following page:

So the browser will have relatively few opportunities, but to use it you can get a phone that does not have enough RAM to run the latest version of Opera Mini.
Some sites will display in older versions of Opera browser incorrectly or not displayed at all. If you are going to leave messages, watch videos, etc., and only want to read the texts placed on its pages, use the following service:

In some way it will replace Opera Turbo, support for which old versions of the browser no. If the text will not display properly, switch the encoding in menu "View" (on the phone to carry out such a switching is usually impossible).