To restore the browser as, for example, a deleted document from the recycle bin, will not work. You have to install the program again. All browsers are set automatically you just need to follow the instructions of the "setup Wizard": to select directory for installation and click "Next" to complete the installation.
Start "Master" file setup.exe or install.exe. Naturally the question arises: where to find this file? The easiest way on the Internet. Each provider has their official site where you can download your desired app.
This method is suitable in case if you have installed an alternative web browser such as Internet Explorer which is automatically installed when you install the operating system. Type in a search engine query for the name of your desired browser (Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome) and open the relevant page.
On the main page click on the "Upload" (Install, Download). This button is usually highlighted and it's hard to miss. Specify the path to save the file, and wait for the download to complete. Open the folder where you saved the file and left click the mouse on the installation file.
In that case, if no alternate browser, you can install the browser from disk. There are kits for installing commonly used programs, and one of these drives it is always better to keep on hand. Let you use it one or two times a year, but it will not remain without the necessary programs in case of emergency. Insert the disc into the CD or DVD drive, open it to view, locate and run the installation file of the browser.
You can also ask friends to write to any removable media the installation file browser, fortunately, it takes up very little space. Insert the media in the port, locate the setup file of the browser and start it the usual way - by clicking on it with the left mouse button. Wait until the end of the operation.