You will need
  • Internet browser Opera.
This browser is designed in such a way that the files of the settings can be restored automatically if they overwrite or delete. So you need to remove only configuration files to reset the settings. First of all check all the categories of settings, because after you delete files, bring back the old settings will be almost impossible.
Start your browser and refer to the section "help" in the top menu bar. If the menu is not available, click Opera in the upper left corner and select "help" section. In the opened menu, select "About".
In the resulting page, scroll to the "Path" manually or using the internal search (Ctrl + F). In the found section of the first line will specify a path to save the configuration files of the browser, usually this is C:Documents and SettingsПользовательApplication DataOperaOperaoperaprefs.ini. Copy the path by pressing Ctrl + C or Ctrl + V and then close the browser.
Open any file Manager, e.g. Explorer or Total Commander. In the address bar, paste the path, place the cursor at the end of the string and pressing the Backspace key will delete the operaprefs.ini, then press Enter. In the opened folder, locate the file operaprefs.ini and make a backup copy, ie copy to another directory, for example, to your desktop.
Then delete the file from the folder browser. After removing the configuration file the program will automatically create a new one with default settings. For this it is enough to run by double-clicking on the shortcut on the desktop. If for some reason the browser is not open, use the newly saved copy of the file, replacing the old version.