You will need
  • - the Internet browser.
All you need is the software update files in your Internet browser. This is done quite easily and simply by selecting one of the existing methods. Before downloading the new software version not forget to make backup copies of your files and settings. You still need to copy the program folders from Program Files and Application Data.
Open Windows Explorer, select the system drive and navigate to the Program Files directory. Click the right mouse button on folder browser and select "Copy". On disk D:/ create a directory called BackUp and using the context menu paste the clipboard contents. The same action should be done in relation to the folder browser C:/Documents and Settings/username/Application Data.
If the update cannot be run directly from a browser, open the homepage of the developer. The address for this site, you can learn from the information in the popup window notification. On the download page, find the button "Upload" or "Download free". Click this button to download a new version of a product.
You will see the window "Save files", where you must click "Save" and specify the path to the desired directory, for example, a Soft folder or "desktop". Now it is necessary to close the browser, by saving data before exiting and selecting to run the. exe file.
After a brief installation, run the browser, simply double-click the program's shortcut (on the desktop or quick launch bar). When you run the new version, you may receive a dialog notifying you that the installed version. Also, this information can be obtained if you select the menu "help" and click on "About". Usually in the same window contains a link to an official site from which you uploaded the application.