You will need
  • The table editor Microsoft Office Excel 2007 or 2010.
Start Excel, load the desired spreadsheet select the cells whose format you want to change. Most often this operation is to apply to the cells in a row or column to highlight which you simply need to click the title of this horizontal or vertical row.
In the group of commands a Number on the Home tab, expand the upper control element - a drop-down list. Scroll through the list of formats down and select the penultimate line - "Text" - format of the selected group of cells will change.
The same can be done differently. After selecting the desired region, click the right mouse button and select "Format cells" in the pop-context menu. Excel will open a separate settings window on the tab "Number." In the list of "Numeric formats" select the string "Text" and click OK.
You can also use the built-in spreadsheet function "Text" - this is useful if you convert the format in selected cells or the text must be part of some formula, or necessary to make the text merge values from multiple cells, etc. In the simplest case, proceed as follows: start with the selection of the cell in which you want to display a numeric value in text format. Then, on the Formulas tab in the command group "Library of functions", expand "Text" and select "TEXT".
In the "Value" Launchpad wizard function to specify the address of the converted cell - type it from the keyboard or click the cell with the mouse. In the Format field enter the format mask. For example, if you put in this field is 0, the final number of decimal places, even if they are in the original cell. The mask of 0.0 corresponds to a number with one decimal place, the mask 0,00 - two, etc., Such rules apply if the installations of Excel the comma is specified as the decimal separator. With these settings, if you enter in this field the mask, for example, 0.0, Excel will divide the original number by 10 before converting its format. When the mask 0.00 number will be divided by 100, etc.
Click OK in the dialog wizard to create the formula, the cell displays the text equivalent of the source value to a numeric format.