You will need
  • Spreadsheet editor of Microsoft Office Excel.
If in the settings of your tabular editor point set as the decimal separator, this can be changed in one of the sections panel installations Excel. To reach it, open the application menu. This can be done by pressing the Alt key followed by the button "f". In Excel 2010 menu item "Settings" is placed in the penultimate line of the command list, and in Excel 2007, the button "Excel Options" in the bottom right corner of the menu.
Select "Advanced" in the left column of the settings panel and under "edit Options" find the line "Use system separators". If the checkbox from the label mark is, then you need the field "Delimiter between the integer and fractional parts" cannot be edited. Remove it, put a comma in the text box and click OK to commit changes in the preferences editor.
If you want to replace the dot with a comma in a specific cell on a spreadsheet, it can be done in several ways. First select the desired cell, then switch to edit - press F2 or double click this cell. Move the input cursor to the point and replace it with a comma. The same can be done in the cell and in the formula bar - where to activate the edit mode with just one click.
For total replacement of all commas by dots in all the cells in a spreadsheet use the find dialog and replace. To call it designed "hot keys" Ctrl + H "Replace" in the drop-down list of the button "Find & select" - it is placed in the command group edit on the Home tab.
In the Find field of the find dialog and replace a dot and a comma in the "Replace with". If you use this operation only on the current sheet of paper will be enough, click "Replace all" and Excel will proceed to run the command. For replacement on all sheets of the open document, click "Options", set the value "book" in the drop-down list labelled "Search" and then click on "Replace all".