Open your mailbox by typing in the search bar of your browser, the query "mail" and selecting the desired resource. To do this, you need to know what kind of service he served. The most popular ones today are:,,,, To determine this, note the name, standing in your e-mail after the @ symbol ("dog").
On the login page to the Inbox, find the field for entering the email address. If you have registered and have a username and password, click "Login". In the top line write the name of your mailbox, for example, In the bottom row enter your password. If you provided correct data, you will see a page that displays the information about new messages etc.
If you need to write an email, after logging in, click the "Write letter". You will see the form in which the upper lines are the "Who" and "Subject". The recipient's email address enter in the first place. Personal e-mail when sending a letter to write anywhere is not necessary, because it will appear to the recipient.
Typing the email address, follow the keyboard layout: it must be switched to English. When you enter a username and password check: if not pressed the Caps Lock key, otherwise you may have problems (a major case of the entered characters). In the email address, you cannot put spaces and use the Cyrillic signs.
Use the storage services of the email addresses of your friends. These options usually equipped with any email program. Not to be re-entered each time an e-mail of the person to whom you write a letter, write it once and then click "Address book", add the data recipient.