You will need
  • Computer with Internet access.
Select the mail service. The most popular of them are, Yandex and Google. They differ in the interface and mailbox size. Opportunities are almost identical, but perhaps the most innovative of them is the Gmail email service of Google. Select the one that you like.
To register for any mail server, go to start page of site. Yandex, for example, it is located at the address On the left is a window with two free fields where you must enter the username and password to access the mailbox. And next to them that says "Get mail" or "Check in the mail". Click on it.
Did you get to the registration page mail. Enter in the free fields with the requested personal information. This is typically the name, surname, date of birth, city and gender. Then create your own username and password, which are then better to record in the computer in some file or on paper.
In case you forget your password and login, the system provides hints. For this registration you will need to select a secret question and answer or enter your mobile phone number. The latter is better to specify the real, as the nominal receive message code to restore access to your mailbox.
After you specify all necessary data, enter the characters from the image and click button "Register". The system will check all entered information and if done correctly, you will register your e-mail Inbox.
To sign in again, go to the start page of the website and enter the desired username and password in the available field, located to the left of the page under "Mail". Find out e-mail addresses of their friends and write them a letter with your new box, follow the prompts of the system.